Applied Faith: How Do You Know?

Applied Faith: How Do You Know?

I tell her about an interview I saw on television. A scientist said we’ll soon have technology enhanced implants  the size of cells so humans can keep up with the computers running the planet. Technology is advancing faster than we can implement it. We need to boot up. I tell her I have mixed feelings.

I tell her that I picture the apocalyptic movie “Road Warrior”.  I tell her I think it may be a short road to annihilation. We are too barbaric to be given cyber powers. On the other hand, perhaps there is a purpose for us that has to do with  brain power that we  own but can’t easily access. Maybe it’s up to us to become more then flesh and blood. I don’t want to but what if that’s my purpose on this planet? I’m forced to consider everything. I don’t know anything with absolute certainty.

She says it is surely a recipe for disaster but she will trust her faith to tell her what’s right. The shadows of kings and presidents who’ve engaged in war according to God’s will flit across the room. I play devil’s advocate.  I question her ability to channel the guidance of a higher power for answers like these. I tell her that according to the concept of applied kinesiology everything is energy including thoughts. The impact of energy on a human being can be tested through the individual’s physical reaction. Muscle strength is a common means of testing the impact of medicines, thoughts and organ health. I tell her that it’s most efficient when an outside source tests you because if you test yourself your desire can impact the outcome.

I ask her how that is any different than trusting her faith. If faith is energy and she has an agenda then she may unconsciously manipulate the message she gets and attribute it to her faith, to God.  Where faith alone is enough for some things, in others it may prove illusory.

She, in this house with a cross on the wall of every room, is kind enough not to throw me out. She’s calm enough to say that this is an interesting viewpoint and she will consider it. And I consider that there may be hope no matter how it goes down.



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4 responses to “Applied Faith: How Do You Know?

  1. Darrell

    Very heavy thoughts for such a rainy day. A god, if you believe in a god, gives us the ability to think, question, learned and trust in our believes. When are people going to become doers rather then takers. That is what keeps the power of life. Thank you Hilary. I needed a little energy this afternoon. Darrell

  2. Sharon Salzberg wrote that “faith is trusting your own deepest experience.” I love that and have to go with it. But it’s sure not any way to come to agreement with others about (capital T) Truth. I embrace that and so look for second-order beliefs that we may be able to agree on – like the importance of honesty and compassion. Some days I’m hopeful that can happen. But today I’m not. Either way, I still agree with Sharon.

    • I agree with you. I trust my instincts but I also know how subjectivity can help us create the reality we want. Think of the placebo effect. My post was telling a specific story but really I was saying that absolute belief in God speaking to you can create distortion if you sub, un, consciously want it to. It was a piece toward open mindedness instead of absolutism is all. I think we’re on the same page. For myself, I must say it’s a strange combination of knowing and considering that is always dancing through me. I’m absolutely sure where no one else is concerned. That knowing is about me as an energy. That knowing is about me and nature. When I throw in consideration of correct behavior in a complex world of others I have to listen to reason as my emotions often stand between us. It is easier for me to open my mind then to close off my heart. These things work in tandem beautifully for me. Or so it seems in this moment.

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