One Hundred and Forty Characters

I was recently informed that since people can get their information on twitter in one hundred and forty characters or less, people don’t want to read a long harangue about a topic.

I write long harangues.

It must be a strange time to be a student of history or literature or social sciences. You’d have to read. Or perhaps our texts will eventually be turned into shorthand for the short-attentioned, later to be known as the shallow thinkers. We used to call this cliff notes.

MSNBC is on the kitchen television. It’s something called the one minute countdown. There’s a digital clock ticking down the minute in seconds and something smaller than seconds. I didn’t know you could do that! The anchorman is talking as fast as he can. There’s an escaped peacock on a New York window ledge, someone driving a tank over a car parked in a bike lane…. I’m having an anxiety attack to match the ticking flying numbers. Who needs this? I declare this total shit. Do not argue with me. I’m purposefully deaf.

I do not, did not, learn yoga to manage a world of this shit. But I may need to up my game. Oh well, bring it on. I could use another challenge. Living today is not challenging enough, right?



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6 responses to “One Hundred and Forty Characters

  1. Pat Halper

    you’re amazing

  2. Hilary, you freakin’ Luddite! Just stop resisting and get on Twitter already! GTG see u there 🙂 K?

    • Luddite! Omigod, that is too good. And an honor, not to mention how happy I
      am laughing out loud at that while others might only lol. Twitter might
      increase my OCD quotient. I mean, counting? That seems stupid. By the way is
      the past tense of twitter, twat? On the other hand, this might be my
      favorite comment ever. It makes me want to tweet. xoox For me, lol means
      lots of love.

  3. linda buzogany

    I can’t seem to jump the Twitter hurdle either, Hil. Isn’t enough I’m all onboard with fb? Here’s to your voice…and sanity.

    • Hey Linda,
      I hate all of it but I have to admit, I’ve made some wonderful connections through facebook and blogging and I never thought I’d do that. I can’t stand that twitter exists but more than that, I can’t stand myself already for knowing I may have to engage someday. But first; wrangling my 60 plus dogs into the bathtub. Now, if I didn’t have to do stuff like that I could twitter and fritter my life away! 🙂 When I jump, I’ll drag you with me!

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