Power Trip

We are of the mother, powered by the mother, dependent on the mother.

Thrown from the womb we seek our own power; power to breath, power to take, power to move and power to refuse.

We and the power trip, as we tumble toward evolution.

We seek power over our bowels and bladder, power over our lessons, our bicycles, our teachers, our parents and our lovers.

We seek power over our children, our pets, our gardens, our homes, employers, employees, dependents and bills.

We seek power over each other and we seek power over ourselves, our habits, our appetite, our unsuccessful behavior and our looks.

We’re told to surrender to the higher power. We seek power to surrender to God.

We may be advised to let go. We may have read a book or taken a yoga class that asks us to believe there is power in relinquishing the control we have been wired to exert; the control that will ensure survival outside the womb.

In a world that demands we make the most of our time, be the best we can be, accomplish something, we seesaw back and forth between power and submission.

We seesaw back and forth between conquest and surrender to inevitable death or as some see it, eternal life.

We practice yoga. We test our power with our bodies, our will with our minds.

Hold on and try to hold tighter, better, longer.

Hold on even as we resolve to relinquish a need to compete.

Bury the ego for now on this ground: For this moment. It gives resolve for the next go round.

One might notice if exhaustion is too deep for just the step backward.

One might notice if too much struggle for power has depleted us.


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