Two Yuppies

Friends came to dinner last night and told us about a new clothing store in town called Two Hippies.

“Is it cool stuff?” I asked.

“It’s awesome” they said.

“Is it expensive?”


“Maybe they should call it two Yuppies.”

It may seem like romanticizing to remember a time that hippie wasn’t a commercial opportunity or that yoga wasn’t a business. It might appear ignorant to hearken backwards or to say that times gone by were simpler and sweeter. Appearances can be deceiving.

Those times were simpler and sweeter in the same way that every town in America had a unique tone; in a way that you did not know you would have the convenience of a Walgreens, a Target and a Pizza Hut when you traveled. Every place was new and the opportunity to discover was inherent in a journey. Convenience wasn’t handed to you and either was a yoga experience.

I found yoga through meditation out of necessity. I looked for a way to calm my nerves from sleepless college all nighters trying to finish papers. I found it again in a small town in the Midwest, again in New York City, in Aspen Colorado and Los Angeles. I found yoga years before yoga’s perfect round ass was grabbed by the beefy hands of big business; when it was just a dusty little freaky ride for fringe folks. I found it because I needed to and I believe that if I hadn’t I would have been just as well off if not quite the same. The fact is that if I found it, anyone could and I know plenty of people who seem unlikely to have been within one hundred miles of a yoga experience but they found one.

Yoga was a bit of an adventure that was not attached to anything of business though I’m sure there were unnoticed politics as there are always politics when more than one person is involved in anything.

Things change which is good and bad and neither word really has a purpose as things will  happen no matter how much we want to stay still. We change to adapt as we’re asked, as we’re meant, to come along. There is no fight and nothing to resist.  Besides, going backward would mean relinquishing both positive and unpleasant change.

I ran into a fellow half my age who teaches in one of the local studios. He said that he refuses to use the computer and Mindbody™system to sign people in. He said that if the studio wants to do business that way, the owners can be present to work the system. He refuses to touch it.

I don’t tell him that I feel the same way as I think about the index card honor system I use for my students . I also don’t mention that he has to do it their way if they are supporting his business because I like his attitude. It shows consciousness: Even if it means going backwards to the place we cannot go.



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6 responses to “Two Yuppies

  1. Change is a train we can choose to take or watch pass us by.

    • One train for all change seems like a crap shoot but that’s it. We cannot choose. We are born and will die on it. That is the nature of life. It is constantly changing and we have no choice. However, we can choose how we behave on the train. If enough agree on something, change can take many directions. It pays to talk about what we want. As for watching a train pass by, I hold a definite pleasure in that as well. 🙂

  2. Pat

    I can understand there was a time when “franchising” seemed like a wonderful idea. People like this, whatever “this” is, so we’ll figure out a way where people everywhere can get it, without having to reinvent the wheel and so that people can make lots of money by spreading whatever it is around the country, or the globe. I wish someone(s) would have had the foresight to know how much more valuable it is to be unique. Thanks .

    • Hey Pat You know I’m coming from a place where seeing the word ‘Yoga’ everywhere has become a dulling down of something that was once a treasure. There is no reason to it but my own memories reminding me that something unique has different energy than something recast in many ways and packaged in as many others. It is all me and thank you for being there with me.

  3. drbinder

    So the young man is not getting on the train. He’s just going to sit on the mountain top and hold that space. That consciousness. Good for him. It’s difficult to jump into yoga teacher mode or healer mode or any other mode that involves a deep focus and presence if your coming from behind a computer.

    • I had a glimpse of something and then it was gone. It seemed that this computer and this social media, internet interconnectivity was a necessary explosion so that all our bits could explode and come together and then the mechanical stuff left as quickly as it came and we were left connected to carry on without assistance. I don’t know how but I know we needed this stuff to get us there. And then we blasted out. No going back. Except that back comes with us.

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