Dear New York Times, William Broad is Making Smart Look Stupid

Dear Times,

When I left New York a quarter of a century ago, for better or worse or just the way it is with humans, the dividing lines between readers were The New York Post and the New York Times, The Daily News and The Village VoiceNew York (Magazine) and  The New Yorker. Some like a folksier read and some enjoy ‘think’ pieces and most of us like a bit of both.

It may be true that a think piece was written by someone who has more information than you do which might make some  suspicious and that’s O.K. People can always do their own verification.  Think pieces are sometimes like schoolwork. The Times has been looked down upon by ‘regular’ folks as a bastion of elite liberalism. I guess that means you had to go to school to understand the content. Or you could infer that educated people are both elitists and liberal.

On a day when a dividing line is drawn between those snobs who aspire to go to college and regular good folk, thanks to Presidential not- liberal hopeful Rick Santorum, it seems a good time to celebrate the positive in being educated lest anyone buy into the idea that an elevated education is unimportant or embarrassing for regular folk.  We need those snobby scientists and mathematicians. We need to know history and literature even if we didn’t write it. Sometimes you just have to trust.

Meanwhile the paper of David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman has released another article by William Broad who appears devoid of information but full of homespun stories when it comes to yoga. He is re-writing yoga. He does not seem to trust what others have written or practiced. He does not appear to understand the science.

Are you trying to banish the notion that your writers are educated elite or does your editorial department not bother to fact check when it comes to yoga?  You have given Broad the mantle of yoga expert though he has little knowledge of what he’s talking about.  Dear Times, he is making a fool of you and your readers. And he’s making yoga look stupid.

I suspect I can hear Rick Santorum laughing into his chocolate milk. Look, even the New York Times has decided it’s stupid to be smart.

So will you please vet your writers more carefully? Perhaps his work should go into an opinion column. I think his science might be better placed in a Rupert Murdoch paper but that’s just my op-ed note.


A reader



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6 responses to “Dear New York Times, William Broad is Making Smart Look Stupid

  1. binder4health

    Ignorance is bliss… Damn.

    Seems like we are all saying the same things over and over. Is anyone listening?

    • No because we are talking to each other and ‘each other’ talks because we are like minded. So nothing changes and yes ignorance is bliss. Well, I’m somewhat ignorant and it’s not all that blissful because I need to be a f#*king moron to not know that I’d better pay attention. And by the way, when you talk, I listen. So thanks for talking to me here.

  2. yes, his article is obnoxious. worse than the last one.

  3. He says he’s been practicing since 1970. But as far as I’m concerned, his writing on yoga doesn’t show any actual grasp of yoga. So, I’m confused. Maybe it’s more about selling newspapers?

    I don’t know. I live in the hinterlands and around here the yoga teachers seem to know what they’re doing, and the yoga students seem to know how to take care of themselves and they find teachers that suit them. So all I know about the larger yoga scene is what I read in the blogs. And to judge by that, it looks like yoga is getting the full on star treatment complete with the expected sex scandals, big star melt downs, lots of experts and pundits laying it out for us, sensational newspaper headlines and so on. Sensationalize the anti-sensational. We can do that.

    Weird how radical it is to just try to keep it decent and simple.

    • I couldn’t agree more about how wierd it is that yoga has become a freak show. I’ve been screaming this for years though. What is up with all the teacher trainings, the yoga stars, the videos, swag, the swagger, the outfits, the business advice, the oceans of crap and chatter that cover something so useful and deeply tender like black slime over wild flowers. I have added to the chatter and also started the chatter and know that yoga is politics once there are more than two people involved and I like to explore those relationships as my greatest curiousity after why and what are we doing here is; what is up with people! Still, after poking my head out after a small retreat, I have a mind to shut myself off again. Even my own reactions to this shit is ego-centric waste but somehow I perservere. I know damn well why Thoreau had to stay at Walden. He was trying to keep from being an asshole.

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