Out of The Cave and In To The World

Crawl off four paws on to two feet

There is survival and no more

We survive and notice the sky, the planets, the sun, the weather

Some are governed by fear and others, wonder

We look outside and there are others

Some see company

Some see territory

There are friends

And there is war

And we have survived and there is time

We create

And there is ego

Me, I was born and I survived

I crawled off four limbs onto two feet

I noticed the sky, the planets, the sun, the weather

I went to school and I saw others

I had friends and I had wars

And I survived and I had time to create and I had ego

I had a quick tongue and a fast mind and I could win at wars

I had time and I looked outside and I found yoga

Found in yoga, my quick tongue slowed, my language; primal

I dropped on to all fours

I looked back at the sky

I saw myself before I was ego

I saw myself as creation before I created and there was wonder

I had friends and I had wars

And I looked at the sky and doubted in fear

What is going on?

And I had time and yoga

In time, with yoga my curious mind relinquished words, gave up on reason, got on all fours and crawled back into the cave

I paint on the walls

There are no words



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7 responses to “Out of The Cave and In To The World

  1. Very, very cool. I’m a new blogger and found myself oddly enough writing my first post about yoga. Been doing it regularly for two years now. Bit of a different slant on it. Would love to here your thoughts to let me know if I’m crazy or not.



  2. Author’s note.
    I wrote this post in reflection of a conversation I had with one of my Vanderbilt University students recently. She is an anthropology professor. We were talking about the distancing of academia speak and the popularity of some words that are most bandied about these days.

    She feels that the distancing comes from insecurity and that professors would serve the public better by saying less and more simply. I told her I had a habit of stopping lengthy discourses by saying, yeah one and one makes two; so what! And that I was sure other writers find me simple while those who know me better most often accuse of being too complicated.

    I unexpectedly unleashed this in minutes and put it up unedited because I just felt like it which is something I haven’t done for awhile.

    Someone told me she read it and was ‘disconcerted’ by my reference to painting on cave walls. I leave the reader to make what they want of this but I will say; I have been painting on a large rough board to make a table top and this is my favorite form of painting. It is freedom.
    And from Tom Robbins: ‘In the haunted house of life, the only stair that doesn’t squeak is art.’
    And finally, neither of these things is why I said that.

  3. Okay. When you’re hot, you’re hot. Have you read Yoga 2.0? Right up your alley I think. Love it.

    • Hey there, I’m not sure what your comment means! Hot? Love 2.0? Yes, that’s Matt Remski and he’s a wonderful writer. I wonder if you read my comment to you. It was a previous post and for the life of me I no longer recall what I said except for naming a guy named ‘David’.

      • By hot I meant right on, iridescent, sattvic. I was in a hurry yesterday. Out of the Cave has beautiful spaces. Like everything you write it’s heartfelt and digging deep. One of your recent posts/comments refers to Thoreau removing himself so that he doesn’t fall prey to assholeism. Is that the one? If I can get a few minutes I have a post that I want to put up called Would Patanjali wear a pinkie ring. And I think it’s in the same mind. We’re at the edge of this huge vortex watching everything we thought we were fly into it, and we’re trying to not get completely sucked in and turned into assholes. Damn. But that’s what yogis have always done – looked at the spreading shit-circus and said no mas. Time to drop to all fours. All that hoo-hawing out there is not the last word. Time to just do our thing and keep a light on for them.

      • Ah, I know about the hurry. I do not even read anything that doesn’t come across my e-mail by that content or a link somewhere else. The time spent with mechanics seems like a magic trick that steals my time from the sun or the moon or the life. So I have clicked the ‘follow’ button on your piano black and beautiful site and will wait to see if Patanjali would wear a pinkie ring. That is a fabulous query and I leave for the sun with a smile to take my four leggeds into the life.

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