Distracted Driving

 Distracted Driving is a Dangerous Situation

flashes on the highway sign overhead. I race on testing the speed limit hoping not to be distracted by that sign.

It’s Art Crawl night in Nashville under a fairly full moon. I’ve spent some time at a friend’s contemporary art gallery meeting and greeting and people watching, drinking wine.

I’m under the legal limit, I think, driving home alone on this rare occasion with my husband out of town.

I recall a story on a local news broadcast earlier in the week about the new findings on attention deficit disorder and driving. They have found it reasonable to declare it news that this condition might create a problem for drivers and by extension the other people on the road.

Apparently the response to that was to put distracting neon signs every few miles along the interstate to tell the distracted drivers that being distracted is dangerous.

Nashville has strict laws when it comes to booze.  An under- age cashier cannot ring up beer. (That’s the only liquor allowed in groceries.) The bagger may not even put the beer in a bag so an older employee has to be summoned.

However on Art Crawl night when every gallery is open and serving free wine to the public, none of them need a liquor license to hand out booze and no one is carded to drink it. A 98 year old person still has to show an I.D. to purchase beer at the grocery but once a month downtown, no one cares how many teenagers are drinking in the streets.

In true Nashville style, there’s always an intimacy that happens no matter how many new faces appear and we enjoy our conversations.

An old colleague from the Nashville Ballet came in and we shared stories of the past few years. In conclusion I had to point out that we are an unfathomable lot and declared that the beauty of yoga is its method of deciphering the human condition.

The cat sitting beside this computer tells me I’m full of shit but I’m ignoring that because being full of shit is a slice of humanity. I think that is obvious but I declare it news anyway or maybe it’s just filler for now.




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8 responses to “Distracted Driving

  1. drbinder

    Sounds like fun, Can I come for a visit?

  2. Regarding the distracting and distressing postings on the freeway signs, particularly how many people have died on their motorcycles in 2012, I too am distracted by the signs, the number of deaths…so far…because you know that number is going up and up everyday, and then I am awash with despair and sadness thinking of my father being obliterated on the highway riding his motorcycle…..killed by a distracted driver.
    Then I begin deciphering all the broken families that have lost loved ones to fatalities on our highways…..how they send their loved ones out the door one morning with a smile and a kiss never to see them again alive. But I think more about the people who send their loved ones out the door sometimes with anger and disappointment and unkind words…..never to see their loved ones alive again. I am lost in thought, distracted…..I pray for protection and start bargaining in hopes I can live to be a healthy and happy 100 because we all know how randomly death calls especially on the highway. Here today, gone tomorrow. Poof. Just like that.
    Thankfully just when I am in the depths of despair about my impending death and all the deaths of my loved ones, my exit is there. I get off, drive a few blocks to my office and give thanks for another day alive in this magnificent world. I give thanks for the people who support my business and I am a little more kind and generous and patient and flexible and unconditionally loving at work.
    I am happy for the signs if they make people think and slow down. I would like to have the stats though on if these daily fatality postings on the freeway are really decreasing deaths on our highways or just distracting us with our mortality and messing with our heads during rush hour.
    Thanks for the post Hil! As always great writing

    • I can’t fathom how sorrowful it would be to see those signs every day and think of my father’s last ride. I’ve become glued to the fatality count too; on the way to work 312, on the way home……….. shit one more. And I worry about where my family is and I don’t think it makes me more careful as much as morose.

      If we’re not going to be distracted while driving, it will have to be an enforced and followed through law that you can’t use your cell phone or maybe even a visual navigation system. I know it only takes a second of looking away from the road for things to go wrong.

      And if they want a sigh to get our attention it would probably have to be graphic car crash images involving innocents; babies, animals, teens but then that would be distracting enough to cause an accident.

      Our entire lifestyle is a symptom of a curable ADD. We might start thinking of new ways to live.

  3. So, Nashville Cats are telling you you’re full of shit? Same ones that’s “been pickin’ since they was two”? Had a conversation with a cat once. I was drinking a nice ‘shroom tea at the time. Not sayin that’s what was goin on with you of course. You’re in love with life, my friend. Excellent example to set.

    • I was recently thinking that I need a new drug but this wasn’t shrooms. I’m a lightweight and this post was a drunk dial right after I opened a Twitter acct. that I said I would never do and wrote, If the more you know, the less you care,then whatcha know ain’t right. I just wanted to see what would happen as I don’t know how twitter works. Then I couldn’t resist writing this post. From now on the computer is off limits after partying but I also think I will vow to only twitter when stoned. Luckily no one follows me so no one will know what I say! Now I’m thinking that if the man behind the curtain says “pay no attention”, run! Ha. And I’m not even stoned so I guess I can’t twitter (tweet? oh for God’s sake) it. Really David, I’m a terrible example but I do think life is grand and would be grander if I could make friends with progress. 🙂

  4. Maybe instead of littering the highway with those big signs, the DOT should send out automated text messages….

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