Dancing Bee

My friend is raising bees. While the rest of us spend hours blathering into the blogosphere or trying to make a buck, she has honed the skill of human caring for planet earth to a graceful art.

She always urges me to be wholly myself although my self  is a square peg in a round hole who is getting tired of being whipped in the wind and wanting shelter. That round hole is not the whole that I might be but the whole of the greater planet and its magnetic field seems to shoot me away while its gravity holds me close but at a distance. I am no victim but a party to the paralysis.

I am not sure what happens with her bees but she says they dance. “How do they dance?” I ask her. She says that one vibrates on the dance floor to direct the newbies by vibration.

Me, the unlikely yogi, the no longer dancer; I see everything in yoga terms, everything as a dance and all yoga riddles as a road map though it be worn and unreadable where frankly, I can’t read maps anyway.

I am thinking of a smug bit of writing by a yoga teacher/blogger who described the virtuous and not so correct yoga teacher template in a recent post. He sniped at yoga teachers who move with the class. As a student he wants to be the center of attention, he wants to be touched and he doesn’t want distance from the teacher or the teacher to be focused elsewhere. He also doesn’t want the teacher talking too much, using too many words.

And I thought of all the ways I have tried to teach anyone anything and realize that by example and that example being a vibration strong enough to touch others till they too are vibrating from that example, from an abundance of words, has been my greatest gift and one I have not used much in many years.

My bee keeper friend knows what I mean. She has reverberated my vibration and I hers. We have shared much by being dancing bees.

There was a time when those of us who find road maps confusing could ask any stranger working at a gas station, once known as ‘service’ stations, for directions. She still mans the lone station that dots the back road journey of my less traveled yoga life. If I have forgotten how I inspired others, not by showing off, not by ignoring students, not by ignorance but by being wholly myself when I was a dancing bee, she has reminded me and I thank her for that.



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13 responses to “Dancing Bee

  1. I have clicked “like” on this post. Yes, I like it; wholly me.

  2. drbinder

    Sweeeet as honey, with a little sting too. You are a Bee!

    • Thank you for the celebratory salutation!! My specialty is orbiting; as in orbiting around the house,yard, town, in not so random purposeful, ADDness and buzzing as I go, as in singing, shouting and confiding in myself! I even tell myself jokes. Buzz buzz buzz

  3. I don’t know how you keep crankin’ these out one after the other but they sure are good!

  4. You’re still a dancing bee – what are these words other than a new dance?

    • Hey Carol, nice to see you here.

      This is where blogging becomes a gray area.

      This post was a response to my old colleague that seemed fit to tidy up and dash off as a bitchin entry but not all is said.

      The reason I said that I no longer teach in the way that inspired people started long ago with the castigation of an Iyengar elder who said that even demonstrating was vanity and a good teacher did not use herself as a model. This was not said directly to me but it caused me to consider that I was less of the excellent teacher I hoped to be if I did not heed those words.

      I became more of a mechanic and a good one, then I became injured and the pain had an effect on my teaching for a couple of years. Then I lost my studio, quit the low paying but huge classes (50-60 people) in other places and became more introspective, more interested in therapeutic work I was doing with private clients. I realized that what inspired others was my uncontained joy and enthusiasm that had (temporarily) diminished and so I did what was appropriate with my strengths.

      But my mojo (:)) came from channeling music which is why I created Involution Revolution. It is a more introspective dance and I have to lead it to make it work. I am slowly introducing it again as I let it lie for a couple of years not sure where it belonged in the current climate. I’ll begin a workshop in a couple of weeks and if the reaction is positive, off I fly.

  5. What is yoga if not a transformative practice. In this one comment you depict a journey of deepening. Buzzing and dancing and ever mindful of where you must move. IMHO, this is yoga and your dance is unfolding exactly as it must.

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