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Yoga Did Not Teach Me

Yoga did not explain karma.

My mother did. My grandmother did.

(Things have consequences. Beware of your actions.)

Yoga did not explain dharma.

That was my father and my grandfather.

(You have a path. Figure it out.)

Yoga did not divulge a connection to the source.

Faith did.

(…..and his name One.)

Hilary Lindsay-creation

Yoga did not expose my wild nature.

Solitude in the woods did.

Clouds taught me to see.

Wind trained me to listen.

Hilary Lindsay-wind poem

Love kept me tender.Dance called me to move.

I knew sound and song’s power when rock and roll raised the vibration.

Hilary Lindsay-one precious life

Yoga did not initiate me  but yoga invited context.

When I forget my wild nature,

When I forget karma,

Lose sight of my dharma,

Yoga reminds me.

(Thank you to Pat Halper and Arunima for their support at Art and Soul)


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