Yoga Did Not Teach Me

Yoga did not explain karma.

My mother did. My grandmother did.

(Things have consequences. Beware of your actions.)

Yoga did not explain dharma.

That was my father and my grandfather.

(You have a path. Figure it out.)

Yoga did not divulge a connection to the source.

Faith did.

(…..and his name One.)

Hilary Lindsay-creation

Yoga did not expose my wild nature.

Solitude in the woods did.

Clouds taught me to see.

Wind trained me to listen.

Hilary Lindsay-wind poem

Love kept me tender.Dance called me to move.

I knew sound and song’s power when rock and roll raised the vibration.

Hilary Lindsay-one precious life

Yoga did not initiate me  but yoga invited context.

When I forget my wild nature,

When I forget karma,

Lose sight of my dharma,

Yoga reminds me.

(Thank you to Pat Halper and Arunima for their support at Art and Soul)



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12 responses to “Yoga Did Not Teach Me

  1. The words, “The Lord Shall be One and His Name One” is here in the easy access of my mind because I spent ten years in religious school. I spent most of the time staring out the window but the context of that religion was inclusion and love and the image of us, the people was, I imagined; the image of God, the universe or many parts of one force.

    Many years ago I was teaching a yoga class and I mentioned the Rastafarian concept “I and I”. I said that I thought that this means they do not see themselves separate from God and that this might be a unifying and powerful thought. After class a quiet stranger said that she had been enjoying my classes very much but she could not come back because I had said that and it went against her faith.

  2. a beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring piece of writing so relevant for this season — and then to see your paintings!! You are an artist my dear.

  3. This is really beautiful. Thanks, Hilary.

  4. beautiful… returning… returning…
    Thank you, Hilary.

  5. Lovely poem, and beautiful art! You are such a renaissance woman.

    • Thanks Zo,
      It doesn’t pay well but it sure feels good. 🙂 And I’ve taken a weekend away from teaching to sit with a fine artist at Le Quire. I hope to be a good student. Thank you for being here.

  6. Love this! Earlier this week someone told me something that really stuck and seems relevant: “yoga doesn’t tell you what to think, yoga tells you to wake the fuck up.” Beautiful paintings too, by the way 🙂

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