Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. Obama,

Please get a chess tutor. Your recent debate indicated that you had planned a speech addressed to an opponent who would lay out an old game plan with immutable talking points.

A debate is not a speech. And for that matter, a good debater can win both sides of an argument. It’s a game of cunning  and a showcase for stamina and wit.  You need to learn to pull the cord on your plans when the opponent takes you by surprise. You’ve got to dance.

You need to appear confident even when you are not. Your mind will respond to your body language. Relax your mouth and relax your breath. The anger in your jaw became your depression when you turned it inward. Or am I projecting?

He was lying? Call it lies or couch it nicely, politicians lie and you knew this guy didn’t make millions closing business deals by showing all his cards to anyone.

Mr. President, throw away the speeches and speak from the heart and if your intentions are clear, if you are honest in speaking about what has stopped your progress, if you call your opponent out on specifics that you know, that you remember, that mean something to you, you might get a second chance.



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4 responses to “Dear Mr. President

  1. Bottom line, after 4 years, I know where Obama stands. After 18 months, I still have no idea where, if anywhere, Romney does.

    • Well you’ve been paying attention but folks who tune in once a year may have been befuddled by the President and sure of Romney. Bottom line,it pays to pay attention. Someone should not be judged by one performance.

  2. binder4health

    Short and sweat? That’s old school Hill, huh? I was just waiting for a countdown to launch followed by flames and mushroom clouds. This is very precise and accurate with little emotion or artistic variance. Very left brained. You must have ran these circuits long before I met you… LOL…Love

    • Old school Hilary was short and unedited and didn’t worry about making points for other people to ponder but spewed what was on her mind. This was on my mind after the debate.

      I have too many unfinished posts in my head because I’ve lost my spontaneity. I will address the reason for that when I feel like it in an unedited spew on this blog. But I did have a title. “Dogshit and the Gita and Why I click “Like”. It is nothing but emotional. xoxo

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