Shattered. Blood Shed Again.


May You Not Go Insane with a Gun in Your Hand.

You have an arsenal in your coat closet, on the shelf behind the scarves and hats and the one random glove with no partner, rifle resting in the corner with the umbrella and old tennis racket, at the ready for sport or the collector at the screen door.

 You go to the gun shows; such beautiful guns, so many choices. Joy rises with the anticipation of the virgin metal rebounding against a willful wrist. You have been fucked with by someone at sometime. Statistics say so. You carry frustration. You are angry. You feel alone. You might someday get right, get clear or get even.

You live on pavement but you are ready for the bear paw in the cave. Woman; attacked once by a dead soul desperado, you bought protection, armed for the next time. You forget that your instincts will not save you unless you live holstered and at the ready evermore. You are paranoid and broken and you are ready to pay it forward.

You are inundated with news that life is hard and the world is at war and those with power will lord over those without. You need power. Where to get power? Your screams are heard in a hail of bullets.

There is not enough money, not enough hope, not enough love.

You are eating processed food that leaves you dead inside. You can smoke and drink and swallow pills to bury your feelings. You can kill others and bury the dead. You can go to the doctor for a fix but there is no preventative care, no healers here for you, no insurance money to cover impending disease of the body or mind. No one pays attention to you until you are sick. You can show them how sick you are with a weapon.  No one prevents you from that either.

You can hide out. Porn and video games are abundant with imaginary companions. You are going crazy but no one notices. We are busy, so busy. Listen my friend, watch our day to day! Who amongst us is not living a crazy life? Crazy is the new normal. It’s every man for himself. Bolster yourself with heart or hand grenades.

On your own, you make your own choices. Be a man. Grow up.

Lock up. Lock yourself away with your faith and your kids.  Protect yourself. We the gun holders will stand ready and armed. There is no running and hiding so get your armor on.

Wait, isn’t that how we got here? Armored? Isn’t that how we sustain our craziness?

How do we strip away the armor? How do we begin again as if the first trespass never happened? That’s the question.



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10 responses to “Shattered. Blood Shed Again.

  1. I don’t much care for links as they distract readers from the content but I’ve linked the Hell out of this one. Going back to my post about Gabrielle Giffords I see a comment about Obama’s head bowed in sorrow. This morning I watched Obama wipe away tears as he spoke to the press about the slaughter of children in Connecticut. He is the President of a country that has done almost nothing to change this tide of destruction. What will it take? I have not heard any leader talking about preventative health care amidst all the health care conversation. I have not heard enough noise against the killing machines. It’s time to evolve.

    • I believe, it can happen virtually, no actually, anywhere ! No one is immune. A tiny community in Connnecticut; could be a tiny community anywhere, ’cause we already know about all of the shit that goes down in the big city. But when folks escape the big city for some breathing space, for some good ‘ole country values, pure and simple, for solace and a place to raise a decent family, they’re in for the same irrational surprises that are found in the metropolis. No one is immune. That’s why it’s everyone’s problem. That’s why it must be resolved at the national level. That’s why Obama’s tears are not enough. BTW: Hilary Lindsay pulls no punches. Stick with her and digest her narrative for a much-needed reality check that’s no bitter pill !

    • At the risk of sounding grossly insensitive, I think this one may have crossed some magic line in the sand. Maybe. No, the line in sand wasn’t the movie theater, wasn’t the street corner, wasn’t the mall, wasn’t the football player, wasn’t the high school, wasn’t the dorm room, but this time, these were children. Ohhh, the magic word, “children”. To me, I say what difference does it make if the victims were 10, 20 or 50 years old? Are they any less dead? Were they robbed of anything less than their life? I’m not a parent, however, so what do I know? But it seems like maybe THIS time it’s gone too far. Maybe children are more sacred than other people. Maybe this is the tipping point. We can hope.

  2. Here’s a piece I wrote after the shooting in Aurora, CO earlier this year. Yesterday I felt the need to write something else but all that came out was, “What the fuck, motherfuckers?!?!” Didn’t seem like enough content to warrant a whole blog post.

    It makes me positively sick and furious the way we pedal violence and fear and then turn around and say that “more guns equal less crime.” Right? I mean what kind of psychotic, garbage-head paranoia is that? Makes total sense, just the same way that more vermin equal less disease, more sugar equals less cavities and more cigarettes equal less cancer. This idea that guns keep us safe is fallacious to the extreme. Guns keep us safe like blankets infested with small pox keep us warm.

    There is no safety, there are only odds.

    Some would argue that a lunatic is a lunatic is a lunatic and that Adam Lanza could’ve just as well showed up with a car bomb or a pick ax, but he DIDN’T. The s’umbitch showed up with a GUN, just like Jared Lee Loughner, just like James Holmes, just like all the other legally armed murderers who, in the name of self defense, purchased an arsenal sufficient to defend a small country, when in fact the killer was on the lawn the whole time. Someone please explain to me why I should need to worry about defending myself from a legally armed murderer? We need saving from the monster that we created.

    Every time something like this happens, it triggers a widespread panic and to quell the nagging suspicion that we are not in control of nature, lots of people will go out and buy guns to defend themselves. Most of them will sit harmlessly in nightstand drawers, and some will even be used to responsibly blast the shit out of a few empty beer cans and maybe an old TV, but inevitably one of them will end up in the hands of a disturbed individual when they slide past the end of their rope. People will demand explanations so long as those explanations involve insanity and not weaponry. They’ll hold candle light vigils until they forget and they’ll forget until it happens again. Rinse and repeat.

    • Most excellent post. You make me look like a pussycat but I’m on your page. I tried to comment on your link but it wouldn’t let me. Your righteous indignation was spelled out and penned to perfection.

      I had dinner with friends who are Northeast liberals and I was surprised that they have guns. He uses a rifle on things like rabid skunks and she has a gun for protection that she says she doesn’t know how to use though she used to keep it under the seat of her car. She insists it’s a good idea. It just makes me think there is no hope at all.

      • I did eventually get something written for my blog and thank you for kind words on the other post. There is a storm brewing around this issue. I think it will be here soon.

        While not a big fan of carrying a gun at all, your lady friend concerns me a little because carrying a gun you don’t know how to use is more dangerous than being unarmed. Does she suppose she’ll have time to figure it out while she’s being car jacked and before the assailant takes it from her? It’s too dangerous a weapon to be carrying it around and not know how it works.

      • That was a great post! Again, it wouldn’t let me comment but it was righteously furious and intelligent. As for my friend, though she is a good friend, she is a fool in this regard. Many of my friends are foolish about guns. I could hate them for it but I don’t know how. 🙂

  3. Our political policy is based in venality, so we shouldn’t expect much leadership there. The rabid and paranoid among us are not going to lay down their delusions anytime soon. Our collective forgetfulness of the ugliness that embarrasses us will stay strong. Our national lack of empathy for the unsuccessful or damaged among us isn’t going to change. All the Foghorn Leghorns will continue to crow their self-serving nonsense. It will continue to be the other guy’s fault. Etc.

    This is all I’ve got, H: Well placed acts of kindness make a difference. I could come up with something more forceful sounding, I guess, but I think I’ll leave it at that. P.S., I love you.

    • Wait! Are you talking to my husband because although he would not mind that I love you too 🙂 he might wonder how you are putting the words he said to me yesterday in print. He really did say the same thing.

      Now I’m not usually the optimist. I’m downright cynical but I did have a broader vision which is this: We have lost our innocence. I mean the innocence that made me proud to be an American and sure I was safe anywhere in the world because of that status, the innocence before the internet, before video games and porn and news of all the world every day at all hours, the innocence before reality television and….. But in the process of become more sophisticated with all the benefits of that sophistication that have yet to be seen, we are suffering growing pains. Growing pains and confusion is causing horrific consequences right now but I think we will come out ahead or at least in some control of the world we have created.

      It might not be in our lifetime and probably won’t be but I do think wrongs will be righted and enlightenment is coming as I write this. There will always be stupid and evil but the bright may be brighter and that might be enough.

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