Racing to Red Lights.

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Habit and chains

Running late but barely moving,

Watching the world in slow motion.


Like a bad dream pressing on against invisible current,

Swimming upstream an unfamiliar river by instinct not plan.


Spinal stenosis screams don’t go back,

A bulging disc shouts don’t go forward.

Tired knees beg one to stop stepping,

An aching hip whispers there’s nowhere to rest.


Do not sit down!

Spin in the eddies.


So many of us out there

Some of us hiding

Some showing too much.


It’s all about me,

It’s all about you.


Reagan cried “Tear down that wall”

Then he tore out Jimmy Carter’s solar panels.

Martin Luther murdered before forty

 Died with the heart of a sixty year old.

Breaking down, he kept up.


Is anything clear?

Is anyone right?


Gabbing and gossiping and wasting away,

What’s her sentence?

She got the chair.


2013 post inauguration day.  I think Obama finally gave a speech without invoking Reagan. Every time he mentions Reagan I think of Stockholm syndrome. The Republicans exhumed Reagan as God when they needed an imaginary deity. I don’t see why anyone else has to play that game.



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7 responses to “Racing to Red Lights.

  1. One of those days that one feels like an alien drifting through space.

  2. Chogyam Trungpa said something like – “You’re falling at high speed and with no control. The good news is, there’s no ground.”

    Deep peace, my sister.

  3. binder4health

    Pain is perception. What is it telling you? Are you listening to it?
    Politics… same thing.

    • Ah, the good doctor is in! My perception is that I am a blip in the destruction of the planet. My opinion is that this could change and that the planet will survive and thrive. My impression is that I am failing to believe in the power of one who is me. As for politics, that is made of opinion but manifests as a certain beast that has become bloated and sick with self preservation, fear,greed and stupid.

      I am subscribed to a few popular yoga blogs including our old friend. I was fed up with the crap I was reading, the comments, the blowing of smoke up the arses of those perceived as important, the trivia, the smallness, the wrong looking and wierd thinking; I saw how wrong the track sitting and reading was, how futile the track of sitting and writing was. I thought of a body that is stuck because of a spine that is told to stay in neutral since I have some pathology and I thought of how my wheels spin but I can’t get out of the rut. So the death sentence is the chair, the one killing us all anyway since humans were not meant to sit like this. And not much happens sitting at a desk unless you are influential. And the only thing that could be good about that is if it gets you out of the chair.

      Now, have you got a plant for that? I will smoke it, eat it and wear it as perfume. With love.

  4. I’m not going to say that who you’re saying you are isn’t who you are. I’m going to say, yeah and you’re a hell of a lot more. And somebody has to work on the stuff that people stick on the bottom of their seats. But to do the public service on this shit the way you do, you have to draw from a deep, clear well, my sister. Rock on.

    • Ah well, I am doing something right if it attracts such soulful kind thinkers to this site. Right now all I can think of saying is, why don’t you come over for a cup of tea? It would be so nice to see you. 🙂

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