In the End It Is the Same.

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Morning meditation and a minute in when you whisper:


Let go of being right, let go of being wrong.

The unsolicited lesson is plain as the bare daylight that’s new by the calendar but not new yet for me.

Being right is an endless defense.

Being wrong is guilty or stupid.


I didn’t realize that took up so much room until

A knot in my belly I hadn’t noticed before abated with those words and

I realized I’d been tossing other people’s problems for them lately but forgot to let them go.


Isn’t there always something to be right or wrong about?

Life is a continuous wheel of riddles.

Opinions of right and wrong are essential in knowing how to proceed but

If right thought creates right action the gloating might choke you.

If confused thought creates wrong action the guilt might kill you.


If I am right without desire to defend that, if I am wrong but carry no shame

I cease to be a storage unit.

And then it’s largely opinion anyway.


Let go of being right. Let go of being wrong.

Who said that? I don’t have a face for the messenger in my head.

Overstuffed from a feast of yesterdays, this body is instantly and unexpectedly swept bare.

Conversations past and battles gone by, go by now.


And today you whispered; despite and because.

Two sides of the same coin have the same worth and pay the same bill.

Whether heads up or heads down may seem to make a difference,

In the end it is the same.


No memory comes but I am aware of itching angry gnats under my shoulders.

I pour imaginary water over them and sense them sink and disperse.

What difference is it what flame beneath the skin pushes us forward?

Positive or negative may be mute where reaction to either compels us to choose the same path.

In the end it’s the same.



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12 responses to “In the End It Is the Same.

  1. Finally! You have posted just in the nick of time, my friend – I was dying of thirst. Now, I think I’ll let Rumi talk for me…

    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
    there is a field. I will meet you there.

    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
    doesn’t make any sense.

    • I haven’t quenched that thirst yet. I have one just for you, started before I knew it. It’s embryonic and I’ve left it alone, forgotten it even, but I know it’s almost ready to serve. As for this, thank you for offering Rumi’s hand in accompaniment. I will let him lead. I do know how to dance. Meditation messages are impatient for my audience these days. And I make what I can of them. I notice it’s not all that much but it broke my writer’s block for better or worse. Can it be in collusion with Spring? Thank you for your beautiful accompaniment.

  2. I should have said, too, H, that what you write of so beautifully is so crucial and so hard to do. Hard to talk about, too. There’s the risk of appearing to not care or even to be cynical. There’s such strong expectation that we will attach to one side or the other of the coin. It’s really hard to see that they’re the same; that they pay the same bill. Thank you for reaching down deep and then showing the way.

    • In truth I am both cynical and judgemental. Why else would the muses be such a nuisance? My better self, my guides, call it what you will, keep me honest. I have them to thank. And I do.

  3. Sherry

    Judgement is a heavy burden either way.

    • Sometimes it deserves to be a heavy burden. And other times it is just opinion that does no harm. Either way, we cannot help but make judgement so we have to take care to be the wisest we can be. And when we’re not, we have to take care to take care of ourselves.

  4. In the end the truth is the same as it always was. It does care for our opinions, it only does what it does. It is.

  5. Yes, Hilary, yes. These days my mind’s been on the Bhagavad Gita so I see it all over the place. This up here made me think of this here: “Content with whatever comes by chance, beyond dualities, free from envy, impartial to failure and success, he is not bound even when he acts.”

    YOu are so smart, lady.

    • Amanda, Much gratitude for keeping the history close. Your immersion in the guiding texts is a bright light of clarity that we so often forget after turning the last pages. I think this line is best taken in the light that though we are not bound by our actions because much is out of our control, in another sense we are still bound to move in a direction of love if our eyes are open in collusion with all of our senses, including the mind. Thank you for your being here.

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