Total Recall

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In the worst of winter you recall a child;


A simple creature who did not rush

But digested the life; one thought with one action.

Not parsing time or pausing to weigh the worth of a task

But wholly absorbed as only one who has nothing to answer to can be absorbed.


Who asked for what was wanted without assuming the answer

Who ate only when hungry and drank from thirst not habit

In the times before moral outrage

The short window of innocence

When you constructed your dreams from nightmares;

Manifested desires in fantasy that went unchecked.


Before you were restless,

And burn -out became numbness.


Remembering what you turn to others to teach you now            

Before you ran to textbooks and spiritual guides

Before you quoted others to make your point

And distractions replaced your memory with advice that crowded out the cells that knew before.


When stacking stones was holier than parent’s handclapping at your grammar school play

No one told you consciousness creates matter

But you expected that.

In the days before the whirring machine blocked the flow of your thoughts;

Your fancy created the world

Just hand from pen to paper.


You were fertile

But not yet fertilized.


Child hood ripostes were correct but you were not so clever yet.

Protected by the castle walls, you could not yet comprehend the battlefield

While chanting songs to ease the smart of other’s glances:

I Know You Are But What Am I

I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks back on you.

It takes one to know one.

You had the words but no comprehension to back them up.

The knowledge you had, had no words to describe.

You made no choices but time chose for you. It would not stop. 

Inner guides met outer guides and plotted to keep you and those did collide at the first reckoning

But age made you sober;

For better where collusion carved awareness

 And worse when you forgot yourself.



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3 responses to “Total Recall

  1. Second time I’ve read, H. This time slowly. Can we ever go back once we’ve colluded? You are able to recall the essence – so, does that prove your innocence still lives? This is no small matter. Does the race evolve straight-line toward corruption, or is it just a phase and our angels will help us circle back?

    Is this creature – who is, after all, our parent – still there, waiting…
    A simple creature who did not rush/ But digested the life; one thought with one action.

    Thank you, H.

    • Yes, the creature still lives. And my innocence is there. So is yours. I can tell. The collusion is the teachings that inform and give form to what we already knew. I was a yogi before I studied yoga in some ways. The teachings gave that form. I don’t know about circling back. I don’t know why we are corrupt. I just know there is no turning back. We have to stay the course and then we may be better for it. That’s my hope.

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