She Moves In Mysterious Ways. It’s All Right.

Or Is It?


This pear is too pretty to eat but there’s an order to things

Fulfill your purpose or rot

So I do the thing that makes sense

To me

Kiss it

Take a picture, say goodbye and thank you

Cut it up and eat it covered with shiny flax seeds and sprinkled sprouted almonds

What would you do for love?

beautiful pear


I used to kiss my knees every time they rose to greet me in a yoga pose

Just a yoga teacher doing what came naturally and I taught them to do the same

I didn’t second guess myself

Some of you remember that

Would you do that for love?


I rode a wild horse through the woods that bolted and charged for the stable

Fearless friends raced to save me but that horse threw me hard as it could

I didn’t move for a long time

They thought I was dead

Bounced and bounced and still

I didn’t bother to get checked out

It made sense to me at the time

In hindsight, to you, it may sound foolish

You may be right

Or not



I took an untamed path down a ski slope and landed on my shoulder

My arm hung suspiciously behind me and refused to move in any way for many days

I didn’t bother anyone about it

Which made sense to me at the time

I was young and wild

I didn’t noticed that shoulder was wrong till a yoga pose brought it to light

But it didn’t really bother me for almost 40 years

Till a foolish yoga teacher brought me down


I hold the pose called mountain

Eyes closed I notice I’m not standing on my bones

My muscles are doing the bone’s job and I’m getting exhausted just standing here

I lack the grace that is balance

How long has this been going on?


I think of the poses that aren’t in this plane

You know, the cockeyed ones, the twisty ones, the ones that turn part of your pelvis forward and part of it back

I wonder what’s happening to my spine and am I standing on my bones or are my muscles being used badly

What would you do?


I want to live a fearless life, like you.

I won’t know the consequences till I make the action

Your body is not mine

You may suggest something to me but you don’t know for sure

I may suggest something to you in your wild life

But you may not listen

Here in zero gravity we are trying to hold on and we are hoping to let go and we never know for certain what will happen before we jump


You are a mysterious person, doing mysterious things

Like motherhood

Every child different and you don’t know how to be but there’s an order to things

You do what you think best so they don’t go bad

You are trying to affect energy you’ve never seen before

It moves in mysterious ways

You will become energy you have never been before

It moves you in mysterious ways


We are all kin and sometimes I am the mother and sometimes the child

In all ways the student and mostly the teacher

But no matter

Mystery is when you don’t know the outcome

What would you do?


This pear is too pretty to eat but there’s an order to things

Fulfill your purpose or rot

What would you do for love?

rob lindsay photo, roblindsaypictures.comP.S. When my husband Rob Lindsay takes a picture of something he loves, he turns it into art. 🙂



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9 responses to “She Moves In Mysterious Ways. It’s All Right.

  1. When we are of a certain age at a certain stage it is appropriate to test our limits. We should not conform. We should not be afraid. When we are of another age in another stage we should not conform nor be afraid, in fact why not dare to be as bizarre as you want to? Who cares! But we know our limits.
    Who we choose as our teachers is on us. However, those teachers are beholden to do no harm. And how do they know they are doing no harm? They don’t. So they have to insist that the students take care of themselves. Many students are a certain age and a certain stage and they will not take care of themselves. What would you do?

  2. Enjoyed this very much, Hilary.


    • Thank you Bob,
      I just added the last line today. I believe it makes more sense to the reader. We may be perfect and in sound body but we have to use that body in this life or rot. We don’t know the outcome of everything we try but pretty like the pear is not our purpose. We become real when we’ve gone through the fire and no amount of regret can take that away.

      I have issues with insensitive yoga teachers though my natural curiousity has lead me to many. I have learned from them and for that I’m grateful. I have also been hurt. So here I am. Here we are all of us hurt in so many ways but realized in many too. I never look for pain or injury but I believe it’s inevitable. If our teachers, if we, choose to be skilled and kind, it’s the best we can hope for. And what is skilled and who is kind? Is that subjective to some degree? I think so.

  3. What would I do for love?
    I am willing to do anything in love.
    Even lie in the cold on an untamed slope
    My arm bewildered
    If that is where my heart is.

  4. Should we let the pear,
    too beautiful to eat,
    rot on the tree?
    that is not love.

    I LOVE this post, Hillary. Thank you!

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