Never Not Broken

Never Not Broken ~ Pajama Jam / December, 2014

Never Not Broken is the title of a body of work to be published. It is also the name of a website not yet visible.


It is 7:00 A.M. on a bitter day, sad songs playing on the radio as I head down an empty highway to a job I’m grateful for as the parameters of work feel crucial to opposing lethargy during this winter holiday.


This uncommon cold has got me depressed. Or maybe depression invited sickness so I’d have some lung/grief quality time. Either way, depression is not my thing. I usually arrest at anger, keeping depression at bay with cynicism and cautiously placed rage.


I took my grieving lungs to Nordstrom to return something for my husband which was an excuse to wander around a place that had things I didn’t need, couldn’t afford and didn’t want. Still, it channeled energy otherwise involuted. In a store filled with beautiful things that women who want to feel beautiful want to put on, I was drawn to sleepwear. Even though I don’t wear pajamas, I walked out with an armful because they were soft, on sale and baggy and even though most of the clothes I own are basically pajamas because they are yoga clothes, I am weary of the uniform related to my job. Pajamas feel like a timely standard.


Last night my husband went to a poker game and I bounced off the walls with jittery boredom in my not so satisfying pajama clothes. It made sense to forget this day; to shut down the house and escape into a hot bath and cool sheets with a novel. The inbox on my computer screen had two unsolicited and disturbing announcements. WordPress revealed that a year’s accomplishments in writing boiled down to a couple of posts that were popular because they railed against stupid in yoga and Facebook became shame book as it portrayed the wasted year of a useless life, with a cheesy high school yearbook type page highlighting  irrelevant postings. Thanks for the tacky souvenir of my wasted time, whoever thought this up.


My most intuitive and complex writing was more or less overlooked. I consoled myself with the thought that blogging is not the best forum for this sort of thing. My Facebook posts are rarely personal as my personal life is in person. I post things I think useful. But I think that’s not the point. I wouldn’t normally give a hard glance at those e-mails but I was ready to be disturbed and they did it. These distractions are not much in a life but little cracks in our creations make for breaking points that defines freedom.  The question is what does one do with freedom so it does not become a prison? Hopefully it’s true that good questions are more important than the answers.


Today I reluctantly put on the yoga uniform to meet a client down the highway and turned on the local radio station that caters more to cutting edge than heartbreak but a slew of heartsick love songs was on the queue. Someone was feeling the dark side of intimacy. Bad news and bad love; I thought reflecting on my most popular writing; that’s what sells. Could it be a prophylactic measure against certain upheaval? Are we imprisoned in a disaster preparedness course that never ends?


The ceaselessly cyclical cycle of breath and tide is marked by consistent breaks; broken, unbroken, broken, unbroken. What is change if not a break between what was and what becomes Do we practice heartbreak and battle to be assured of staying aloft on a planet that wobbles?


I get it. My descent into a bored depression is giving the broken its due. I have a vague sense of worthlessness and no confidence in the next move, yet in this gutter of inertia the break is already the mend. I have become a seed; all energy pulled into a fragile shell waiting to be split open.We must break to become again in a new way. That is change and change is this life.

Without that we would not be worth a darn.

This post was written several weeks ago but I didn’t have the desire to publish it. But after all, it’s only a blog. This post  inspired me to push the button.



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4 responses to “Never Not Broken

  1. jilah

    I do not post on FB or other sites – I really enjoy your words, am moved by them in my heart or mind or both, feel touched & spoken to by your words. please keep posting.

    • I write for myself and it marks a history and if I am lucky enough to communicate to someone who feels what I feel and understands what I’m talking about, it is all a writer could want ~ that acknowledgement is huge because greeted by silence it’s easy to assume your path is a blind walk into a deep wood filled with unfriendly creatures. Thank you.

  2. Don’t know why you aren’t popping up on my “following” list of new posts, but I’m just now reading this one. I know how you’re feeling, H. What I think is my best stuff often winds up shaking a tin cup in front of the bus station. When we reveal our innards to the world, let’s face it – indiscriminately, we’re asking for dejection. I don’t know what else to do, though. My own view is that to evolve we must do whatever good we might do. That especially means passing on whatever gifts we’ve been given. You and I are moved to write, with whatever insight we can muster. And we do from time to time connect with a reader. But even if we didn’t, we’d still have to do it. It’s a gift and it must be passed on. We’re stuck. Getting a standing O for our B stuff and crickets chirping for our A stuff might mean something, but it doesn’t mean anything about how well we’re doing with our lives. I’m pretty clear on that. Anyway, I know what you mean, girlfriend. Even yogis get the blues.

  3. Your best stuff ends up shaking a tin cup in front of the bus station? If you put that in a book I would buy it. You make me too happy. And then you reference Tom Robbins. I mean your spot on earth shines a light on mine so bright I can’t be dejected. Rejected, yes and repeatedly more and more but hard to feel despondent when I get a response like this. Thank you friend.

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