Climate Change Karma





Ice bound, wind lashed branches make screaming trees sway

While black wings beat back the others round the easy mark of food at the feeder

Not invited, they do not know but descend in mass and mob the back garden

THE BIRDS on ice

The earth shifts as water swells below the surface, turns to ice and explodes

Ice quakes waken unfamiliar ears to a blast of unfriendly fire


Cameras train on huddled news crews as routine ceases and people grow wary

Wariness is our habit anyway; built into DNA  turns heads right and left

Scan the horizon for enemies

But what if the enemy is us?


We are survivors and where one surviving is alive it is not a life unless others survive too

It is partly love

We cannot thrive without it and then survival would be like one alone


Black wind and potent rain replace snow as the temperature peeks above freezing

The earth abdicates domain over tree roots

Exhausted trees collapse and crashing, toss their spawn for the taking

The earth will absorb what it wants or what is forced upon it

And in kind will return it to us


I wonder what combination of love and survival would incite us to sacrifice comfort or routine

So that that which is returned is as gentle as that which we offer.





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2 responses to “Climate Change Karma

  1. The will to survive unenlightened with love gets very tight and narrow, mean even. The law of action serves back to us what we put into it, and I hadn’t thought about the karma of how we walk on the earth until this excellent piece, H. Thank you.

  2. Well I’m glad to set forth the notion because I’m pretty sure the earth is getting ready to throw us off like the ticks we are. No one planned a perfect world though. We are doing what we can. Big learning curve that’s racing against time. It’s always this way: Make a mess, learn a lesson, fix the mess. Learning is the wild card. Is there climate change? Are we a problem? And then there is money and power added. What do the money and power people learn? What sort of conscience is there? Others try to reach them with whatever they have. Sometimes they are one and the same people or entity. There is always hope. 🙂

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