The Donald’s Dismantling of the Party Could be the Country’s Political Trump Card

Election years used to be somewhat exciting and at least entertaining. I’m glued to the news as I am with disasters of all kinds. Election years are not unlike disasters.

But even the disasters have become predictable with the similar bunch of political hacks spewing the same empty phrases excluding Bernie Sanders since he’s claimed that nothing less than a revolution is called for at this moment.

Donald Trump gets my attention. He’s the car wreck you have to glance at even as your mind is screaming, “No, No, No, NO!” TrumpAnd like the rest of the country, I am paying attention because I’m amused. For whatever reason he’s got other folks attention, at least they’re tuning in and maybe participating in the political process for better or worse. Trump is making his fellow partiers dance with his loaded pistol at their feet. He’s keeping them off balance. He’s managing the conversation.

Senator and presidential wanna- be Lindsey Graham’s leveling tactic was to further lower the new indignity of the highest office with his speedily public commercial of himself as a purple faced reactive adolescent GETTING EVEN by smashing his phone after the Donald gave out the number. I wonder if this was the unleashing of the bulls that allowed Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee to think it prudent to release his Hakuna Matata end-times spot. As he pulls the others into the insane asylum with him, Trump has even forced Fox news commentary toward occasional reason.

Donald Trump is a unique solution for transparency in politicians where all parties are commonly shrouded in illusion, hypnotizing with repetitive empty phrases.

Thanks Donald, you’ve got people watching the political process even if it’s for the wrong reasons. It’s a start. You’ve got the talking heads off automatic and showing a bit more of themselves than they might have bargained for. You are exposing more than a weak party. You are exposing a broken people.Please don’t go yet. We’ll let you know when you’re fired.

Author’s note: Yoga is the study of human behavior. Politics is the action of human behavior. Yoga is exploration of one who becomes the many. Politics is the exploration of the many who become the one.


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