I was born in the 50’s
a thumb sucker

As a child I said shocking things and didn’t care
As an adult I say shocking things.
Later I worry

Educated in everything
I learned nothing

I am the same person I always knew
I don’t evolve

I hate aimless drivers. I like to speed

Ten summers in the Adirondacks
I talk to trees
Bitchin Yoga is a blog. There’s no getting around that word now though I would prefer to continue to consider this a journal. Blog is a disgusting word and evocative of blather.

It’s funny that today yoga is a hot button word. These posts are observations from a person who has been messing with yoga for the better part of her life and so there is yoga here. Yoga is a system of managing energy and it’s a study of people. Most of us are both people and unmanageable; I find this both beautiful and worrisome. Yoga is about paying attention and I am a nitpicking attention paying analyst. I’m witnessing a backlog of bullshit in the yoga community but I’m also witnessing the wondrous workings of a practice called yoga; a practice which is affecting the shape of the world as the world shapes it. I hope to have something useful to offer as both an observer of people and student/teacher of yoga.

http://www.activeyoga.com is my teaching website. Here is an interview I did with the lovely professor, Carol Horton. : http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/12/rebel-yog-an-interview-with-hilary-lindsay/

11 responses to “About

  1. Linda-Sama

    “I’m witnessing a backlog of bullshit in the Yoga community”

    oh my god. thank you for using the word “bullshit.” I thought I was the only yoga blogger (former one at least) who used it.

    • Well my friend, If you like “bullshit” you may just love what I put in the last post, “The Space Between”. Now where is that stupid smiley face icon! Thank you for finding me here. Now it’s time to find something to say on Elephant that’s not so all about me……

  2. Elizabeth

    Your writings on yoga are absolutely gospel! It is not about the teacher, the beliefs of one teacher, the community who follows the teacher….it is about yourself, living in the present moment, observing, not judging, and living your own life with grace and ahimsa. Could we ask any more of ourselves than that?

    • Thanks Elizabeth and well said. No; living with grace probably sums it up, encompasses the breadth of what we do when we do it with intelligence and love for ourselves, for those involved and for the thing we engage in.

  3. and, love the hand to foot pose video on your activeyoga website…

    • Thanks Denise,
      That was the first one I did. Whenever people requested I make videos over the years, I declined saying that as soon as something was done I wanted to change it and so couldn’t see the point in making a video that would just lie there in the dust after the first viewing. Years later I decided to do little video bites for fun and now I see some merit in it. This weekend I’ll do something for a person on the net who asked me why her back hurts in plank. Guess video can be helpful afer all and after all the videos that are already out there. It’s a lesson not to do nothing just because it seems like it’s already been done.

      So good to meet you. I love your story. Your personality and intelligence shine through.

  4. Dear Hilary: Thank you for the way you keep bringing the puppy back to the newspaper. Gratitude and deep bow for that. Good words, too.

  5. I just watched ‘hand to foot pose’ video and now, it’s official– I love you. (Is that weird? I don’t care. It’s true.)

    • You don’t care if it’s weird because it’s true and in fact I see that thinking all over your writing. That’s the truest of truths and spoken from the wise and daring heart of a true yogi. Not to make it weirder, though it isn’t really weird at all, I feel the same way about you. Thank you.

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